Vision :

‘Tewo sada dnyanmaya pradeep’

Mission :
Empowerment of rural women for empowerment of society.

Goals & Objective :

>> To impart quality education to rural women and enable them to become competent individuals thereby benefitting the country and human society at large.

>> To provide knowledge and skills regarding Home Science education to real life situations.

>> To inculcate among women positive self concept, awareness of women’s issues and rights with rational outreach programmes.

To develop competence for entrepreneurship.

Local Management Comittee :

Hon. Ku. Swaruparani Jaysinh Mohite-Patil 

>> Hon. Shri. Vijay Tukaram Mane                          : Member

>> Hon. Shri. Vijay Vishwanath Shinde                    : Member

>> Prof. Gajbhiye Rishi S.                                        : Teaching Staff Representative

>> Prof. Bhise Chhaya D.                                        : Teaching Staff Representative

>> Prof. Nimbhorkar Rajashri R.                             : Teaching Staff Representative

>> Shri. Malusare Yuvraj L.                                     : Non-Teaching Staff Representative

>> Dr. Surve Rahul N.                                             : Member-Secretary

College Committee’s:

  1. Grievance Redressal  Cell / Women’s Redressal Cell

  2. Anti Ragging Committee – UGC 24×7 helpline – Toll Free No.1800-180-5522, email: helpline@antiragging.in

  3. Student’s Council

  4. Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee / Anti eve teasing committee.

Right To Information
Public Information Officer (PIO)
Shri. Vijay A. Koli
Head Clerk
Is the Public Information Officer at College
Email: srmphomesc@rediffmail.com

First Appellate Authority (FAA)

Dr. Rahul N. Surve
Principal (Incharge)
Is the First Appellate Authorityat College
Email: 060srmphomesc@gmail.com

Role of Appellate Authority:
The Appellate Authority will receive the appeals, directly or through the PIO as required under the Act.